Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 22

Man are some of these guys bullies! It's entertaining to me to watch all the fake tough guys in here; really they're cowards. I see it over and over again by a couple guys in particular. One of them "punked" a guy for his dessert and continually bullies his cellies around. The other bully here punked him the other day and he didn't do shit! Why? Cuz he was not certain that he could win the fight. What is it to beat up on guys that you know you can smash? Anyone can smash someone weaker than them. It makes you tough when you are courageous against someone bigger than you, someone that you're not sure you can beat. And the other bully bosses all the white guys around and makes the new ones punk or beat up other guys. He says that they need to "earn their stripes," that "me and War Machine are already striped up and proven." LOL! What did I ever do? Nothing. He just knows he can't make me do shit. So I see his cowardice, I see how he plays the jail politics with everyone that he knows he can intimidate. In his "jail world" I break all the rules and haven't and will never "put in work." But he refuses to bring any such issue to my attention. He always talks how he's gonna beat someone's ass, but in the months here with him he has yet to even slap a person. Talk, talk talk, but always has someone else do it! Lame. I don't like people like that. Even in high school, I stuck up for "dorks." I was the guy who beat up the bullies.

Hey so, I just read another cool ass book called "Forbidden History." You should check it out! Man, the more I read and learn, the more I really see how much of the world is bullshit! We don't know anything! Scientists are just as closed-minded and retarded as the churches. Just how the men in the past were persecuted and ridiculed for theories like the sun is the center, and not Earth, and the Earth is round, not flat - men today are being ridiculed for new ideas that make more sense and have more evidence than our current theories and "facts." It's comical, really. I'm not gonna elaborate here but read the book! If I can say that I appreciate one thing about this jail experience it is reading! How much time I've wasted doing other lame shit... Fuck, I wish I began reading long ago.

Oh shit! I just heard all this commotion next door. Booming and banging and growling! LOL! I guess the two White boys next door were throwing down in their cell! One is that "tougher of the two" bullies and this giant celly he has. Can't wait to get out from lock down, I know that giant guy smashed him! LOL! I'm curious as to what went down but I think I know. Just before lock down the bully told me that it might "pop off with the Mexicans" (riot). I asked, "Why," and he told me that one of them is saying that he's a "rat!" Anyway, it must have been confirmed somehow and the giant was "disciplining him" so that we don't have to riot. I'll find out in a couple hours! .... Okay so, just what I thought happened, it was weak though. Neither one of them even have a scratch! Anyway, I'm gonna hit the rock, thanks for all the letters of support!
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